Gutsy Media Podcast

Like movies? Join my friends and I as we discuss directors, actors, writers, and anything else that connects to movies. Find out the back ground on your favorite blockbusters, or the ‘need to watch’ cult classics. We explore movies, one movie at a time.

Social Media Habits

#Sunday’s = “Updates” – Info about the cast, upcoming events, giveaways, and news that only the real friends get to know.  

#Monday’s = “Movie News” – Something new in production? Did an “A” lister just get the role of a life time? Their remaking WHAT!!! This is all the news your fit to handle. Sometimes that news is an episode drop!!

#Tuesday’s = “Trivia Tuesday” – Movie trivia is always fun. See if you can guess the answer without help from a search engine! Get it right and you might just find yourself tagged or followed back. Answers on Thursday, or Tuesday if your rereading.

#Wednesday’s = “On This Day” – Same as Saturday, just figured we would send you that way first, then back up here for Thursday. No cheating! 

#Thursday’s = “Trivia Thursday” – Kind of like Tuesday, so just go reread that one!

#Friday’s = “Movie recommendation” – Whether its curling up for a romantic comedy, or locking the doors for a horror thriller, these are our recommendations for movie night. AND on Fridays before an episode drop it will be the movie for the show. Watch now, listen later!

#Saturday’s = “On This Day” – Everything from birthdays, to movie releases, its the trip through film legend and movie history. Find out what happened on this day, that you may have never known. 

Special Episode Details

“It’s Really Not That Bad” – New to season three, this is where we take a deep dive into movies with notoriously bad histories and try to figure out for ourselves, “was it really as bad as everyone says?”

“Talking To Them About That” – Popular in season two, this shows gives us the unique perspective of someone who has been in on the action. We talk to people who have inside info on the movies topic or story line.

“Host Pick” – In a show filled with guest choices, this show gives Bobby a shot at the drivers seat. Lets see what gem he kicks out of the dirt.

“Movies You Should Read” – For extra credit, we force our guests to not only watch the movie, but read the source material before discussing these movies based on the written word. Which was better? But more importantly, was it a movie I should read?